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new member!

1. name: izan satori
2. age/location: 28/sweden
3. what are your main crafting interests? your favorite hobbies? i love anything diy, interior decorating, bead work, mail art, some knitting, sewing, paper crafts, making furniture, baking, cooking, cake decorating and sugar crafts... so much!! some of my favourite hobbies apart from the ones previous are photography, design, drawing, cats, traveling...
4. do you collect anything? if so, what? yeah i collect a lot of things! apart from things like books and cd's i collect sanrio and toys (action figures, blythe dolls, vintage video games, game boy advance sp etc), hairclips, beads, religious icons, tiny buddha statues and so so much more!

i don't have a lot of pictures of my crafts but if you go to my yahoo photos you can see some pictures of my home which i've done up myself, painted the walls, sewed curtains etc. and there's a picture of a cake i recently made, lots of photos i've taken (i dunno if this is considered crafts in this community but...) and two christmas craft projects i did. and if you check my journal (as a non friend) you will be able to see a drawing i made...
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yes, of course! i really like your flat, especially the pink sofa. :o)
also-the cake you made is really cute. you are very talented.

being that i am the only voting member at this time, you are in. :o)
being that i am the only voting member at this time, you are in

hehe, thanks!! i'm gonna try to take more pictures of things i have done. maybe i can borrow a digital camera off someone...